Multiple Choice

Moon of dreams

Over and ... we all need to get back to reality. I mean, not only me. You too. "Przepraszam bardzo, którędy na dno?" Seems like I know. It's easy.... And after you find it, you'll meet me there. Someone once said: "It's not over 'till it's over". Right. It's over, 'cause it's over. It's not over because it's not over, but it's over cause it's over. "I just can't forget that I used to fly". When you were by my side everything was so easy. Everything. And I had so much power. Where is it now? Where are you? Why you're not here? Like in the song: "i don’t know myself my glow isn’t strong enough to light up my way". And another part of the same song: "Just show me one sign, just tell me if everything is all right.I wanna feel that someone is watching me and really cares for me". You where there for me. And now? "Another minute....". Another minute without you. 
Status: take me back to the moon of dreams
Song: "In the end" by Kat deLuna

13.2.09 14:30




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