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How you remind me

Again: “same mistakes, different time and different places”. Waiting for next Saturday. But this time won’t be as in the last year. Hope everything’s gonna be alright. Just be afraid of so many unfamiliar people. But it’s not that bad, I’ve just found out that there will be someone else I know. But before Saturday I still have a week in this village. And am already done. Four weeks is definitely much. Definitely too much. Two weeks is much, so four weeks is even “more” much. Ok and now let’s get to the subject of today’s note. It’s connected with someone who started to like me for someone I am not. And now I’m afraid of telling that’s not me. Why? ‘Cause I want him to still like me. But I need to tell he true, cause I want him to like me for me (“not for that someone I’ll ever be..”- as in the song). And I need to tell the true, cause if he found it out by himself he’ll definitely dislike me. And that’s not what I want. But I am afraid of telling the true. And now it’s not best time for me to think about it. 
Status: resigned 
Song: “Paparazzi” by Lady GaGa
22.1.09 22:02




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