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Miles away

„Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything, but everything means nothing if I ain’t got you” … Good lyrics to start todays note. Some days are Better than others. Some days like today. Just a few words to makes someone happier, just one smile to make someone smile again. Some dreams become reality, some are fade away. But always you have to wake up. So it’s good to look at something familiar when you wake up after a long, long sleeping. Some people are leaders, some are just a followers. Sometimes you need to try something new to find your way. Sometimes you need to be different – for one day or for longer. And sometimes you need to be you. Even if it’s the first day when you’re a real you. Sometimes you smile without a reason and when seeing someone’s smiling back, you smile again. This time with a reason. There’re some days in your life when you want to give in. There’re some days when you doubt. Doubt at what you’re doing or doubt at yourself. But after that days you realize that there’s something more. And you realize, that you can move forward. Move forward to the life. To the life, which is waiting for you. Spinning round and waiting for you ‘till you get into a right train. And one day you do this. You choose the right train, the right way and the right side of you. You just get into this train. Alone or with somebody. With somebody who has never doubted at you. Even when you doubt at yourself. So the only thing for you to do is to let this person get into this train with you. And never let yourself to left this person. No matter if this person is close to you or far away. Just let this person be. And let him/her just be with you. 
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Song: "Magic Ride" by Sarah Connor

9.1.09 23:50




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