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Out of Power, faul wie immer. I wanna go home. Even too lazy to write this note. And I wanna go home. About yesterday – I’m not disappointed. Right, could be better, but it’s okay. It was only unpleasantness. And I wanna go home. Not because of that, of course. I only wanna go home. It’s only a week but seems like forever. But on the other hands I don’t want next Monday to be so soon. I just wanna go home. And seems like I lost all of my power. And I miss my childhood. I miss my city. And I wanna be there now. Did I mention that I wanna go home? And tomorrow – again – 2,5h with the worst subject ever. And worst educator (?) ever. Right, “educator” is inopportunely used word. Cause “educator” is someone who educate. I wanna go home. I just found my photos from December and I miss that time so much. Everything was so…easy. It was just “I go home tomorrow” and I really miss that time. 
And by the way, I wanna go home. 
Status: lazy
Song: “Ich bin Ich” by Lafee
8.1.09 19:19




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