Multiple Choice

Take me away

Christmas time. Home time. Now it’s over. And we all need to go back to reality. As someone said, “Cryin’ won’t help you at all”. It’s not that bad, only one fact is. I hate him so much that the more I think about comming there, the less I wanna come. “Silent of words where there’s nothing left.” So what else can I say more? If I say “8”, would it be enough? Damn stupid 8? 
Ok, so in conclusion: I don’t wanna go back. I wanna stay here. So in other words: “Don’t wanna grow up, I wanna get out, hey, take me away”. And I wanna my series back! It’s like a rehab. Or worst. Not only that I’m sad. I am also nervous. 
Status: wanna stay at home!
Song: “Ein letztes Mal” by Lafee

2.1.09 21:17




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