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Emprezar Desde Creo

New Year, but same old stories. Hope this ’09 will be better. Yesterday I was taking to someone. And it reminds me of everything. Last year this time, exactlly this time, it was so … amazing, that it was me. I mean, that that has happened what has happened. And now? After a year? Well…during this time something (or more than something) has chnged in this situation, but after this whole year now it’s okay. Not great, but okay. Seems like I can live with this all. And won’t miss what I thought I would. After this three months I see I am not missing (or don’t think about it?) so I’m sure I’ll deal with it. Or am I just not missing only because I know it’s not far away? Or only because I have something els to miss? Nevermind. Just wanna tell you that somehow I still remember that great time and try to forget what was wrong then.
Status: not stupendo, aber okay
Song: “The Unforgiven” by Stefanie Heinzmann

1.1.09 13:06




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