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Well….I’d never new how it is to have so funny neighbors Maybe it’s because I’ve never live in a block of flat before :P Or maybe because I’ve never had so funny neighbors. Only my roommate is not so glad about them as much as I am. But it’s only because using the door bell early in the morning – cause they knew I am not sleeping – but they forget my roommate COULD be sleeping. But I’m sure my roommate would like them soon too :P Right. Is impossible to dislike people like them. And I’m still impressed how a person (or two people) could be so …. perfect?
Ok, let’s get back to other things today. As you see, recently I am writing more here. I just wanna show, I remember. And I still care. But you know that. I only wanted to proof it a bit to myself. Show, that I remember how it is to remember. 
And now something about today: on my short list of friends – which is getting bigger recently so quick – is a new person. A person I haven’t thought before he will be there. Things changes, right? I am changing too. I feel like here’s the right time for me. Like I was waiting 19 years to meet people I should meet and to meet people which are right for me. With which I feel like I am me. And I realize I feel something new. Something what was a bit uncommon for me before. (Just a bit, but still). And I still looking for the name for this feeling. 
And now something about numbers: 20 (kilometers) is not that much, but 10 (years) is not enough to realize this. Sometimes you need 19 (years) to meet that, what that days was just 20 (kilometers) away from you, but now is 320 (kilometers) away from where it was. And you meet this. 1 (meter) from you. So far away from the beginning. And you needed 19 (years) for it. And now come and tell me, that this is not a destiny. 
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