Multiple Choice

The shadow lands

Why I give up so easily? Not only this time, but too often. Maybe I’m not “strong enough” (as someone is … ) or I’m strong enough just for a short time, than everything come back to normality and I give up. And this week? What’s wrong? I have only two days and I do nothing (right: nothing) to change anything. Just like I think it’s too late now. Cause it is. I had my chance and it’s over now. “help me please, show my the way again”. Right. This time you can’t change it. Do you even want? It’s not about me. I give up – so what? It’s nothing new for me. Just…I wanted to be fair to those who supported me. I still want, but I can’t. So this is what hurts the most – that I hurt them, not me. And now? What am I doing? I should definitely do something else. But? Right, I gave up. But why? Hm…let me thing. Everything was going right, I was so close to never give up and then…. Then what? 
“So tell me how to fight with that what’s wrong, I’m not strong enough. Is it a way to receive the power? ( ... )Where is this power and where can we take it?”
Status: Out of power.  
P.S. Lyric translated by me, so it’s a “happily creativeness”, but I’m totally addicted to this song. 
P.S. 2 I just saw the date of the recent “giving up” note. Just a month before. What happened then that I receive some power? Or who did I meet? Do you remember?

9.12.08 18:30



Getting better. Still missing something. Who said money is not important? Who said it doesn’t change anything? Let me kick this person. He’s a liar. Somehow is not better. And am still jealous. How wouldn’t I be? I only wait for Saturday. I know, I know. It’s only delusion. I feel like “I come from a planet a long way from here”. Ok, but to Saturday it’s still a few days and I need to be back in the reality now. So v. short today. See U soon. 
“Same mistakes. Different time and different place”. Right….No comment. 
Status: absorbed with Queen. 

16.12.08 18:45




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