Multiple Choice

One Way Ticket

I remember spending, all of my time, every minute
The two of us we had our own rhythm, intune with the beat of my heart

Walkin', watching you leave there's no talking
Back in my arms it's so shocking, guess forever was just a dream
I think we could have made it, but our history now is fading
My image of the future is changing & baby damn that thing called destiny, got the best of me

Today a bit of lyrics. Somehow, there’s nothing left to say. Dreams become reallity, but sometimes they don’t. And where am I? Who was the one who left? I left it or this has left me? So long time being sure and now juzt a few dayz to change everything. To change the way. To change the road to the future. And there’s a ticket in my pocket. But only one way ticket.

8.11.08 22:00


Nothing left to say

Why we like some people more than others? Why we hate some people more than others? What makes us hating or liking them? Is it something inside them or something inside us? Who said that we should like people which like us? Does it means that we can’t hate them just because they like us? When we choose people to sit next to before the class, why we choose some of them and others don’t? Is it only because they smell good? (a bit personal :P) Or because they’re smiling right when we need something to cheer us up? When we’re sad we don’t choose sad people to talk to them – it can only make us more sad. We choose people while talking to them we can forget about why we are sad. Why we tell to somebody “I want to share my life with you” and to somebody else “I don’t want to see you in my life anymore”? what makes us choosing people instead of others? Is it because we feel safe with them? Or feel like someone special, even if we have nothing to give to this world? Or they support us even if it’s obvious we’d fail? From here, all I wanna say is that I don’t regret. 
15.11.08 19:46

Our time is here

Break the ice, so ice is broken now. The winner is me. And the prize is the way how he said my name. Seems like I am me. And it was so cute :P Is it enough to like him? Right….he ws liked long before yesterday. Today’s news should star with “how 19 going on 18” but….say what you want, there’s something more important. Not that I don’t like number 19 (somehow I like, if only it could be said after so short time) but there’s something I like more. Or somebody I like more. And after today’s 45minutes I like even more. And not only me, but the main fact in “liking each others” is that if we like somebody, this somebody should like us to have a good connection. So it’s unimportant that not only me like what I like :P Now they can only ask me what (who xD) I am thinking about when I’m looking at the wall when I should look somewhere else :P 
Yia… my note is a bit un understandable. But not for those who were today at aunt H. And were sitting nearby. And were listening a VSC (very smart conversation :P) Am I chaotic?
Don’t ask what’s wrong with me. 9 hours can make people crazy :P An even 45 minutes can make people (for ex. ME) crazy. That what you see depends on how you sit. (Or WHERE you sit and WHO sits next to you xD )
Status: Totally in love with world 
P.S. 8 years is not that much, right?

25.11.08 22:11


How much is too much? How can we, from all the people in the world, choose only one? How can we choose the one who also choose us? More than 8 billions souls, how can we choose only one from this huge number? How can we choose even from two? How to say “it’s not you”? Especially when this two we have to choose from are both great? Or similar? Yia, “similar” is a good word to introduce the main subject: gossiping. Why today? Because I’m so impressed how a person can laugh at himself. And I’m impressed how funny can be the gossip which shouldn’t be, cause it’s nothing nice to hear a gossip like this when you’re a part of this gossip or – what’s more – you’re the main character in this gossip. And this gossip is awful. But you’re laughing at that. You’re over this. You’re the one. You two are the one. So how can we choose only one from this two “ones”? The way how I am writing about this - a bit chaotic, but in the reality is even more. So maybe not choosing anyone and leave it the way it is? Who said we must have find our soulmate? Who said it is not enough to have only friends? Right. “Only”? That’s not a good word. Friends are never “only”. Friends are more precious than “only”. Is not so easy to be a great friend, so this is not “only” being a friend. Friends can be “just friends” – it means they’re nothing more than friends – for example girlfriend/boyfriend, but friends can never be “only friends”. Being a friend is a hard work. So if you have a friend – a real friend – you’re so lucky. 
Yia….recently “friendship” is one of my favorite subject to write about. Guess why? I just wanna tell you how precious is a real friendship. And say thank you. For everything. And for just being. “Bis zum Horizont, auf dem suche nach dir….” 
Status: Still in love with the world
P.S. Today I realized (or yesterday, but today I connect those two facts) why girls are getting to S.L.C…… And btw, that’s also MY target. :P But it’s just a dream, we’ll see how it goes in reality. 
26.11.08 22:01

Can you hear me

Well….I’d never new how it is to have so funny neighbors Maybe it’s because I’ve never live in a block of flat before :P Or maybe because I’ve never had so funny neighbors. Only my roommate is not so glad about them as much as I am. But it’s only because using the door bell early in the morning – cause they knew I am not sleeping – but they forget my roommate COULD be sleeping. But I’m sure my roommate would like them soon too :P Right. Is impossible to dislike people like them. And I’m still impressed how a person (or two people) could be so …. perfect?
Ok, let’s get back to other things today. As you see, recently I am writing more here. I just wanna show, I remember. And I still care. But you know that. I only wanted to proof it a bit to myself. Show, that I remember how it is to remember. 
And now something about today: on my short list of friends – which is getting bigger recently so quick – is a new person. A person I haven’t thought before he will be there. Things changes, right? I am changing too. I feel like here’s the right time for me. Like I was waiting 19 years to meet people I should meet and to meet people which are right for me. With which I feel like I am me. And I realize I feel something new. Something what was a bit uncommon for me before. (Just a bit, but still). And I still looking for the name for this feeling. 
And now something about numbers: 20 (kilometers) is not that much, but 10 (years) is not enough to realize this. Sometimes you need 19 (years) to meet that, what that days was just 20 (kilometers) away from you, but now is 320 (kilometers) away from where it was. And you meet this. 1 (meter) from you. So far away from the beginning. And you needed 19 (years) for it. And now come and tell me, that this is not a destiny. 
Status: Strange new feeling

28.11.08 23:01




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