Multiple Choice

Key to the city

Day 8. After first week here. Well…it’s too early to have a conclusion. So maybe later. That’s not what I wanted to write about. How it is to study – everyone knows. Today subject is totally different. And has nothing in common with studying. Ok, maybe has something and somehow is connected with the place I study in. Have you ever wondered why you’d gone somewhere where you didn’t need to go instead of going somewhere else where you could have had some kinds of profits because of being there? But you’d gone to the other place, not there when you could achieve something. Do you know why? I know. Because when you choose a place to go, where technically you have no reason to go, that means that there when you’ve chosen is going to be something special. Something what may change a part of your life. Something so nice, that after that you’ll say “How lucky I am that I’ve gone there”. Well…after starting this note I wanted to write something what will shows how it is connected with my situation but….Ye, “but”. But, I wanna to hide it deep and only for myself. It’s too good to be true. And I am afraid that if I’d write about this, this will disappeared. And I don’t wanna this to disappeared. Ok, I know “this” is not a proper word in that situation. Because is not “this”. And by the way (for everybody who spoke to me today :D): that’s one of the reasons I am acting today like a nincompoop :P 
3.10.08 23:02


(Not) Better in time

First you start believing, then you're leaving for no reason and you're wondering why
For no reason. Or for a stupid reason.
Just a fool to believe.
18.10.08 21:49




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