Multiple Choice

Just let me do it my own way. U don’t like me? I don’t care!

3 years after seems like it has never happened. As U seem I choose only one language to write here. Why? Well….the points from Matura exam makes me feel I need to practice English more and more. Hopefully, I have enough time to do this. And doin’ sth makes me stop thinkin’ 2 much ‘bout what J’m waitin’ 4. My way is so long, but my fate is not so said (as goes in the lyrics). Today I found my old diary from middle school ages. And I started to thinkin’ back ‘bout the past. Passing ZD was a long long time ago, knowledge I have now wouldn’t be enough to do dat again. But those days I passed. Almost no one knew that I would even take thiz exam. But I passed. Last year this time I was waitin’ 4 FCE results. Hm.... as I remember, almost nobody believed that I could achieve dat. I said “almost”, ‘cause it was a person who believed, and thanx 4 him I’ve passed. And this year is a similar situation. And also nobody believes. Nobody but me. ‘Cause after this several months J’m sure, everything will be as I wish. And I’ll get what I want and what J’m still askin’ 4. U can say what U want but J’m sure. Always when J’m listening to L. song, no matter in which language, I get exactly what I want. And now it will be no exception. J’m sure. And another lyric 4 the end: “You’ve got a big chance, don’t let it slip through Ur hands you’ve gotta break the chains, no matter what they say, no matter what they think”. And now itz my chance. Yea, no matter what people think ‘bout my chances. I know I achieve dat. I only need to wait just a few days. And after dat I will have no doubts ever in my life. Ever. Maybe someone’ll say to me “You will be disappointed and when you read you notes that time you will be angry ‘bout how U believed”. No I won’t. I won’t be disappointed. See U.
4.7.08 22:35


Just 4 a moment....

Looking for inspiration...everywhere... / come back later
5.7.08 17:28

Stai con me

Letz start wid da lyrics: „Don’t bother J’m fine. It’s so much Belter wid out ya. Suddenly everything disappeared, U mean nothing to me.” Ok, and now the short explanation. It’s all ‘bout people. Can anybody explain me how it is: someone makes everything to show others that he/she is original, has his/her own style and his/her own philosophy, but in fact he/she is exactly the same as the crowd? J’m sick of those people. They desperately want to show how “special and exceptional” they’re, but in fact they’re not. Words – dat’s not enough. Itz all ‘bout wat U do and how you behave. Ok. Complaining ‘bout people is not what I like, but because of their behave I do it 2 often. It’s not only my fault dat’ey makes me nervous. Ok, I stop it now. 2day is a special date and I won’t be angry. I still remember ‘bout the date, even if I don’t show it. In my heart he’s still alive and I know he’s watching over me. I feel it. And again, I better stop now. Let’s move to sth else. How about always getting what U want? Dream? No, reality. Ok, maybe it’s not my favorite topic to talk ‘bout, but I need to waste my emotions on something. Dat’s exactly Y I have this blog. And dat’s Y I need to write about it. People exaggerate their own problems or even invent’em whole. Or just they’re looking 4 problems where there’s no. J’m not dat kind’a person, but I know somebody who is. Or even more than one somebody, but I want to focus on this special one person. A person who is a liar. This person – let’s call “he” – tells everywhere lies ‘bout himself. And after dat everybody think he is so poor and victim, so he need help. And they’re helping him. And no one knows he really doesn’t need this help. But wid this help it’s easier 4 him. And he get what he want. Great 4 him, isn’t it? U think U want the same? Fine. But believe me, U won’t be dat kind of person he is. If you meet him, you’d also know dat. Now U can only believe what I say. And I know what I say, ‘cause I know him. Maybe not as much as I think I know, but I think my knowledge is enough to tell anybody to run away from him. I wasn’t so prudent. So U know now and U have a chance not to make ma mistake. Have a good time. Hope to be back soon. See U.
5.7.08 23:49

At the end of the day, that's another day gone. Life is short

After overhearing a conversation (ok, I admit – it was eavesdropping) I thought everything’ll come back. But it hasn’t. Maybe I get used to – if only it’s possible: getting used to death – or maybe I really have a stone instead of heart. Everybody’s still wanting to know how it has happened, but I won’t. It’s no importa how, es importa that he was just 2young and it was 2early 4 him. No matter how it has happened, no matter if he did it intentionally or just by mistake. No matter if He did it or somebody helped him. No matter. It was just 2 early. And now it’s better 4 me to change the topic. I hope this week everything will be clear. Or just want to tell dat 4me is now clear. Everything. It’s so obvious that I just calmly wait. It’s easier than ever. I know, I know – J’m talking ‘bout thiz all the time. I just want to be sure. I am sure. By the way, tommoro’ is also one of the three special days. But not thiz most important. This most important is don’t-know-when. The only day I don’t know when is the most important for me. But also am so sure that J’m not so impatient. I just want have less than 7 days, so want to know it thiz week. Even if I already know it. Know it’s crazy, but that’s how it is. Since il primo giorno. By the way, I almost forget ‘bout this 6 weeks. I even don’t know how many weeks are still left. It doesn’t have séance anymore. See? I knew this. I knew I’d forget. Still waitin’. I know It could be easier when I’d choose another way. But I don’t want to give up without trying. As the lyric goes: “ ‘Cause U’re the one (...)so don’t give up, don’t give in, ‘cause U’re the one.” And now J’m thiz one. Thatz me this time. See U someday
7.7.08 21:45

And after everything that we’ve been through I’m still here with U

Sometimes U need a friend. Sometimes U don’t. Who is a friend? I can tell U. A friend is someone who is with U when you have Ur great time and he is happy ‘bout this as much as U are. He’s never jealous. He is someone who is near U when U have troubles. Someone, who talk wid U ‘bout Ur troubles when U want this and advise U how to solve it. And someone who is silent when you don’t want to say a word. Someone who is always wid U when U need this. Someone who don’t ask if U don’t want to talk. Someone who can hug U and give U handkerchiefs when U need them. Someone who ask U for help if he own has troubles. Someone who accepts Ur decisions and choices even if he doesn’t understand them a bit, and someone whose decisions and choices U accept, even if U don’t understand them at all. Someone who respect that U don’t want to talk ‘bout something. Someone who makes U feel safe. Someone who makes U feel better, even if he’s far away. And someone who understand, that U want to spend time with Ur family instead of meeting wid him. He understand that. ‘Cause for him, family is also the most important. Exactly as for U.
And now think ‘bout all your best feelings. Do U have it? Great. So go and tell to your friend how much he’s important to U. He deserves this.
Why I’m writing only “he” and never “she”? That’s clear. ‘Cause girlz can never be the real friends.

8.7.08 08:35

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